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Rotor Banner

Take back your space

RotorBanner ™ is a rotating visual advertising banner system designed to catch the customer’s eye.

Combined with a unique remote controlled lowering system RotorBanner™ can be lowered to the ground to change, replace point of sale or advertising quickly and efficiently.

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Rotor Banner

Where it can be used and why?

Retail outlets, shopping centres and car showrooms to name a few have a mass of wasted or unused potential advertising space, advertising your customers monthly and seasonally is now made simple.

With RotorBanner ™ changing visual advertising or point of sale is as easy as a touch of a button.

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Rotor Banner Grande

RotorBanner™ Large

Our Large RotorBanner™ 2000mm x 1000mm is 3D Advertising at its best either Round or Square in design it will stand out from the crowd and make a big visual impact.

Designed with exhibition halls, stands, shopping centres and airport lounges in mind to capture a larger audience.

Rotor Banner MEDi

RotorBanner™ Medium

Our Medium RotorBanner™ 1500mm x 500mm can be supplied in either Round or Square design providing you with ample advertising space which will make a big visual impact.

Designed with car showrooms, shopping centres and larger retail outlets in mind to give a greater impression.

Rotor Banner Grande

RotorBanner™ Small

Our entry level RotorBanner ™ 1000mm x 300mm available in Round and Square 3D design for large visual impact.

Designed with smaller retail stores and applications in mind and can have the RotorMotor enclosed to sit neatly and near flush to the ceiling.

Flexible Design

Can't find a system for you?

RotorBanner ™ our simple and flexible in their design and has a product to suit your needs by creating three standard packages to suit most audiences.

Why not create your own bespoke advertising system for promotional items like, bicycles, sculptures, Scroll banners and works of art or life size cut-outs for example. The choice is yours.

See the RotorBanner™ in action

RotorBanner™ is a unique system designed to lower and raise high level advertising banners displays or seasonal promotional material to ground level.

Rent out space on your Rotorbanner


RotorBanner™ allows your clients to lease advertising space on each panel for a short or long term, you gain revenue and the system pays for itself.

When the promotion or lease has finished simply lower, replace RotorGraphic and continue.

included in the box

Each RotorBanner™ is a complete kit, delivered flat packed ready for installation.

Each kit comprises of:

  • RotorFrame
  • RotorGraphic
  • RotorMotor
  • RotorRemote

Art work can be supplied to your specification if required. POA.

Plug Socket

240v 6 amp


2 year



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